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From: Randall Magwood
Thursday, 9:55 AM


Dear Friend,

    If you're serious about fixing your frustrating computer, you've probably investigated many methods to do so. The case was the same with me before I learned how to fix my computer problems and keep my computer safe.

    I'm confident that you've looked into the following methods:


-- Deleting important files


-- Modifying the registry


-- System restore


-- Safe mode


-- …and More


    Now, these are all good, but it wasn't until later that I discovered some secrets that beat these others hands down, and cost much less!

    These are secrets that has helped me to routinely keep my computer in good shape, and has helped me to take care of any problem that came up.

    These secrets are vital to my computer's health, and if you want to learn what these secrets are, then you've landed on the right webpage.

    I've been in the IT industry for 10 years now, and I've even won the illustrious "Employee Of The Quarter" award for my outstanding work at my previous job... something that hasn't happened for the last 7 years. So I know what I'm talking about.

    You don't have to spend a fortune to keep your computer safe. In fact, all it takes is around 5-10 minutes to get your computer optimized for prime performance.


Here's How You Know You Can Trust

What I'm Telling You





ABOVE: Computer Certifications



    Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Randall Magwood, and I previously worked at a major corporation in Knoxville, Tennessee - that has 70 locations nationwide. I was the Lead IT Technician, and I was responsible for fixing and repairing any kind of computer problems that came my way.

    It didn't matter what the problem was... I studied and studied everyday until eventually, I was able to solve about 97% of the computer problems that came my way... on the spot!

    I become so proficient with my computer skills, that my indoor building of 300 clients voted for me to win the "Employee Of The Quarter" award. Along with that, I achieved 3 major computer certifications that honed and refined my skills as a highly skilled IT Technician.

    Things were going so great at my job that the computer networking team in Phoenix, Arizona wanted to hire me (Phoenix is where our headquarters is). This was a great honor to me, but I used to collaborate with these guys all the time, so the news didn't shock me 100% - yet nevertheless I was still surprised.

    I decided to take what I know as an IT professional and offer my services to the people in my community, and I also made a business out of it. And you're lucky to have landed on this webpage because you can learn the same secrets that I charge my normal clients hundreds of dollars to do.

    Hopefully you see the significance in my background because...


Computer Problems Are Growing

At An Astonishing Rate!


    There are all kinds of computer problems that are coming out these days. You have newer forms of viruses that are smarter and have a mind of their own.

    I've encountered a computer virus so clever, that it created the illusion that everything on the computer was deleted. Once I finally removed the virus, I discovered that none of the files were actually missing... the virus simply changed the file attributes to "hidden". When I changed the attributes, the files appeared again.

    Along with viruses like these, you have the problem of malware, adware, and spyware to deal with. Of the 3, I hate adware the most.


    You could be browsing online minding your own business, and then click on a reputable link that is known to be virus free, and your web browser will redirect you to a "spammy" page that is designed to scare you and get you to click on the links on the page.

    If you click on the link, the spam site owner makes money, and you will probably get a virus on your computer - that can only be removed by purchasing anti-virus software that will make the website owner rich. This happens all the time, and these are things that you should know about.


And These Aren't The Only Problems


Along with these problems, you have other things to deal with also. Tell me...


-- What will you do when your computer suddenly starts running REALLY slow, and eventually reaches a blue screen error?


-- What will you do when your computer gets compromised and some of your most important files gets (REALLY) deleted?


-- What will you do when your web browser gets "hi-jacked" and you're no longer able to browse the internet on your computer?


-- What will you do when you run out of memory and you need to install more quickly?


-- What will you do when you need to clear up more space on your hard drive, but you don't know how to do it?


-- What will you do when you accidentally re-format your hard drive, and everything (including the operating system) gets deleted?


-- What will you do when you buy a new computer and need to migrate all of your files to the new computer - but you don't know how to do so?


How Would You Feel If You Could Solve All Of These Computer Problems Fast On Your Own?


    Just imagine...

    How would you like to be able to put your mind at ease whenever you encounter another problem with your computer? How would you like to have the ability to perform basic tasks that will keep your computer safe? You could have the following:


-- A computer that is lightning fast and rock-solid reliable


-- A computer that is free of pop-ups, viruses, spyware, and adware


-- A computer that is backed up by a 100% automated backup system


-- A computer that is protected against hackers, bots, and worms


-- And a computer that can protect itself without your intervention!


    If all of this sounds good to you, then you should know that this fantasy can become a reality for you and your computer. How you ask?


Let Me Introduce You To Computer And

IT Expert Naomi Slowe

    Naomi Slowe is a computer guru who know’s about the ins-and-outs of computer repair. And coming from me, this is a HIGH endorsement. Typically I handle most computer related questions from people regularly, but nowadays I refer them over to Naomi.


    No matter what kind of computer problems you have, Naomi can help you to solve them, quickly. And it doesn’t matter if your computer is running slow, boots up and loads slow, has programs that crash and seldom work (even after uninstalling and re-installing them!)


    Now Naomi’s time is precious. She doesn’t waste time, and only consults with those who have real computer problems – and NOT computer questions. Which means if you want one-on-one time with her, you will have to hire her via her expensive computer repair services.


    However recently, she has taken time out to create a brand new book that will show you how to solve most of your computer related problems right away.


    This book is entitled:


 Naomi Slowe’s FAST Computer Repair Secrets




    This 93-page course, "Naomi Slowe’s FAST Computer Repair Secrets", is a new course that contains some of the best information you could ever find on the subject of computer repair and computer maintenance. The bottom line is that if you want to be protected against threats online, you need this course!

    She doesn’t leave anything out, and will share with you her tried and true computer repair techniques that will make your computer run faster, and protect itself at all times.

    She’s designed her book to be as basic as possible, all while showing you the secrets you need to know if you want to make your computer as efficient as possible.

    You can count on her to deliver the high quality information that you need to know to keep your computer safe. With the secrets that she reveals, you will gain the knowledge of the equivalent of a Level 2 Help Desk Technician.

    She knows the ins and out of the computer world and would like to share them to you today so that you can sleep easier and protect your computer from the threats that are waiting for the next vulnerable computer to compromise.

    She'll teach you the secrets of computer repair and computer security – starting from beginning to end. You'll learn how to fix your struggling computer in no time at all. In fact, here's just a little of what you will learn inside of her brand new course:


-- The components That Make Up Your Computer


-- How To Add RAM To Speed Up Your Desktop


-- How to install More RAM In Your Laptop For More Speed


-- How to Easily and Safely Install RAM


-- How To Troubleshoot RAM Memory


-- Helpful Memory Testing Software Utilities


-- How to Get More Computer Storage By Installing A Larger Hard Drive


-- How To Replace A DVD Drive In Your Laptop


-- How To Install A Sound Card The Easy Way


-- How To Open The System Unit


-- How To Install The Sound Card


-- How To Replace The System Unit Cover


-- Figure Out If You Can You Install A New Sound Card In Laptops


-- How To Install a USB Sound Card in Your Laptop


-- Quick and Easy Sound Card Problem Solving


-- General Computer Troubleshooting


-- How To Revive A Dead Computer


-- How To Speed Up Any Desktop Or Laptop Computer


-- How To Make Sure You Have Enough Memory


-- How To Clean Up Your Desktop


-- How To Make Sure You Have a Fast Enough CPU Chip


-- How To Un-install Those Unneeded Applications To Free Up Memory


-- How To Get And Keep Your BIOS Fine Tuned


-- How To "Patch" Your Computer To Keep It Updated


-- How To Keep Your Antivirus Up to Date and Scan Your Disks


-- How To Make Sure Your Antivirus/Internet Security Programs Run at Night


-- How To Make Sure You Have no Spyware


-- How To Stop Unneeded Startup Programs


-- How To Defragment Your Hard Drive Regularly


-- How To Remove Those Unneeded Files


-- How To Move the Page File to Another Partition


-- How To Stop File Indexing


-- How To Turn Off Animations


-- How To Clean the Registry (safely)


-- How To Stop Unneeded Services


-- How To Turn Off Fancy Desktop Backgrounds, and Screensavers


-- Using ReadyBoost for Vista Speeds Boot Times and Other Operations


-- How To Change Your PC Use Habits


-- How To Have Your PC Health Assessed for Free at PC Pitstop


-- How To Upgrade Your Graphics Card


-- How To Install The Graphics Card In The System Unit


-- The AGP Graphics Card And What It Does


-- Graphics Card Problem Solving


-- What To Do When There's Nothing on the Monitor


-- What To Do If Your Monitor Works But No Display


-- What To Do If Your Monitor Works But Poor Display


-- How To Easily Install Your New Hard Drive


-- How To Repair The Hard Drive, Hardware And Software


-- General Hard Drive Troubleshooting


-- How To Use Operating System Utilities


-- How To Check Drive Cables and Connections


-- What To Do If the Drive Will Not Boot Up?


-- What To Do If the Drive Boots but Hangs Up at Boot?


-- Hard Drive Software Troubleshooting


-- Hard Drive Software Problems and Solutions


-- What To Do If Your Computer Boots - But With Many Errors or Hangs


-- How To Tell If Your Hard Drive Has An "IRQ Conflict"


-- How To Tell If Your Hard Drive Device Drives Causing Problems


-- What To Do When Windows Won't Boot


-- What To Do When Your Computer Won't Boot Up At All


-- How To Make A Windows XP Bootable Floppy Disk


-- What To Do If Your Computer Won't Boot Past Windows


-- How To Replace A DVD Drive In Your Laptop


-- How To Repair Cable, DSL, And Dial-Up Modem Problems


-- How To Setup Cable Modem With A Router


-- What A Direct Subscriber Line (DSL) Modem Is


-- Troubleshooting DSL Modems - Internet Access Needed


-- What To Do If You Have An Older Dial-Up Modem


-- Tips On Surviving An Operating System Crash


-- What A Hard Drive Crash Is


-- How To Recover From A Hard Drive Crash


-- Little-Known Steps To Recover Your Hard Drive


-- And much, much more!


Don't Spend Another Minute Struggling to Fix Your Computer Without Her Powerful Book At Your Side!


    Never again pound your head against the wall trying to figure out how to repair, fix, and enhance your computer. This course will give you all the info and tools that you'll need to make your computer operate near the same level when you bought it.

    You'll discover the ins and outs of computer repair, and you'll become an expert with computers... and you never know, you could probably make a career out of it!


Get Your Copy Of Naomi Slowe's

FAST Computer Repair Secrets Now!


    When you order her course, you'll receive what is literally a complete manual that you can refer to time and time again, that shows you the 'ins and outs' of repairing, fixing, and maintaining a healthy computer.

    Think about it. Never again will you have to worry about what to do whenever a computer issue comes up. You will know exactly what to do!

    At this point, you're probably wondering how expensive this is. After all, products in the computer industry aren't normally cheap.

    However, this powerful course goes for an extremely low price. In fact, for less than the price of taking a friend out for a good lunch nowadays.

    But this course will give you the tools to save hundreds of dollars of going down to your local computer shop or buy anti-virus solutions that are incredibly expensive. You will save tons of money every year by implementing the tips in this course.

    And you can purchase it for the phenomenal price of only $7.

    Order now and you'll learn how to fix and repair your computer – and enhance your knowledge about computers in general. You'll learn proven techniques that work for keeping your computer healthy and functional. And look, it gets even better:


You Have A 12-Month, Money Back
Guarantee On This Course!


    When you purchase Naomi’s “FAST Computer Repair Secrets” course, you will have a FULL 12 Months to test it.

    Fix and repair your computer, and take the steps as highlighted by her guide. She’s designed it in a manner that is easy to understand and do.

    You will discover everything you need to know to make your computer perform at high levels of speed, security, and efficiency. You will discover how once you purchase her course.

    And if for any valid reason whatsoever - you don't find the quality of her information up to your expectations, for the price you're investing in this course... delete the PDF ebook manual from your hard drive and drop me an email in these next 12 months.


I’ll refund your purchase... 100% the entire $7.


    In short, you have NOTHING to lose but absolutely ALL to gain!

    So get your copy now... even if it's currently 4:00 AM in the morning!

    The delivery process is automated and you can download the PDF manual instantly after making your purchase below.

    Don't wait - click below to do it now!







Randall Magwood

P.S. Click below or above to order now and start the journey to improving your computer in all areas. You will learn things that you may have never thought of before.

    You won't regret your decision. And Naomi is looking forward to help you with any computer related questions that you may have. There is a ton of information that you can use to fix, clean, and speed up your computer very quickly. And this course can reveal it to you!

    Here's to having a cleaner and faster computer! Order now!






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